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Another year, another 'visa extension', another round of the same old Immigration questions

I would really love to know why after 20 years of marriage with a Thai citizen and after applying and obtaining the annual extension for my Non-Immigrant O visa and meeting all the requirements that my wife is interviewed like she met me the day before yesterday.

Iím talking about of questions like: where and when did you meet him?; what language did you speak with him?; what is his fatherís and motherís name?; and other irrelevant, harassing questions.

Of course my wife can easily answer all of these questions, but it is still sort of embarrassing to be asked these things after 20 years of living together.

I believe the only important question Immigration should ask is: are you still living together?

Thatís all that matter. We have no issue answering that and providing the paperwork to backup our verbal statement.

I know from several sources that people using external agents to apply for the extension arenít receiving the same treatment. The Thai spouse is not even interviewed and they only have to provide the original marriage certificate.

Why are we not being treated equally and given the kind of respect we deserve?

Ivan, Phuket. Friday, January 18, 2013  2:30:34 PM
“We have to be very careful during the visa extension process because we have had to deal several cases where a Thai wife or husband who is separated or divorced from their foreign partner asked or tried to bribe the immigration officer to certify them as still living together. This is why we have to carefully conduct an interview regardless of how many years the couple has been married or lived together.

The questions are formulaic, so when an officer interviews the couple they follow the formula step by step.

You have to understand and just cooperate with our process to prevent any problems arising from overstaying.

Although some couples hire agents for the visa extensions, eventually the Thai partner in the relationship has to contact our office for an interview. An agent can only deal with the application process. Feel free to contact our office Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm at 076-221 905.”
Friday, January 18, 2013  2:30:34 PM Lt Col Napat Nusen, Head Supervisor, Phuket Immigration Office.

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