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Sex shows in Patong

At the end of August, the Interior Ministry started a three-month crackdown to rid Thailand of sex shows. Since then, a-go-go bars in Patong have kept their main doors open so police officers can see into the bars to make sure that no sex shows are on display, at the same time letting all the people who do not want to see inside these bars do so.

But why are a-go-go bars in Soi Sea Dragon still providing sex shows? All they do when a show is being performed is close the red curtains at the door and have two or three Thai men stationed in front of the curtain as security.

And what about second-floor a-go-go bars? Police have no direct view from the street and the bars can do whatever they like. When will the police stop these bars from staging sex shows? Without the shows such bars canít survive Ö or could that be the real reason for no action?

Tim, Patong. Thursday, December 25, 2003  1:58:18 PM
“There is always conflict between illegal business owners and the police. We raid such venues but some hide their businesses and continue to break the law. They will not do it if they see the police, but there are not enough officers to watch them all the time.
We are doing the best we can and when we raid such businesses we always punish the owners by closing the business.
Any person who knows of venues that still stage sex shows should help by taking a picture and sending it to the police or by calling me directly at Tel: 01-8931456.
Foreigners can help police with this issue because when police inspect such venues the staff might remember the officerís face, but they are not familiar with foreigners.”
Thursday, December 25, 2003  1:58:18 PM Pol Col Chalit Thinthani, Superintendent, Kathu Police Station.

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